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Sunday, September 18, 2011

No sweating the Wedding...

Rinne and I are planning our wedding for August of next year. I have been told (read: warned) that planning a wedding is the most stressful, sleepless, punch-yourself-in-the-face time in your life. Now, I don't doubt that we are going to have some bumps, blindsides, and cross-eyed moments, but so far, it is SO much fun! We are doing alot of the wedding ourselves, (ie. decor, invites, etc) and so we just sit and think of awesome shit that we love, and feel like everyone coming to the bash will dig too. We are compiling our playlist of favorite awesome/poppy/cheesetastic music for the boogiefloor, and constantly ripping ideas that we like out of magazines (mostly National Geographic, the native African and Inuit wedding traditions). Yes, making a list of what I feel like is about 31% of my friends that are able to come...that sucks. Yes, it is going to cost alot. Yes, its a shitload of planning. Ultimately, at the end of it all, two narcissists get to throw a huge party for themselves and then get to spend the rest of their lives staring at one another and laughing their asses off. Im down.

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