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My Fellow Farmers...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Food as a friend.

When good food is in my life, I feel like an old friend has come to visit. It is calm, easy, warm and I can enjoy as much drink as I would like in its presence. I can cry onto it, or laugh with it. It will never judge me for my opinions, and will always let me know that I am loved. Food is my life long friend, and I am constantly trying to be the best companion that I can. In this vein, I am always trying to perfect my recipes and try new ones. I bring new friends to our gatherings to see how they might get along with one another. I am always careful to treat my edible friends in the way that best suits them. I love to learn about their histories. I love to help them to envision a new, and adventurous future.

Food is the best friend I have ever known...

and I love it very much.

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