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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Community. The loss there of.

Somehow the world has lost its sense of community. Lines of communication (notice that the prefixes for both words are commun, meaning "to share") have been cut by parties of staunch disagreement in a world system that simply relies on compromise on some level to exist. The "hell NO" agenda of global and domestic politics has led us to an impasse. More importantly, it is rendering the worlds ability for positive, intelligent and creative change impotent. Why should we be motivated to think of dynamic, progressive ideas while our president is castrated at every turn for making decisions that are exactly what his opponents want, and that are still being denied? In-fighting was a term that was being thrown around alot during the 2008 campaign, in regards to the conflict within the McCain/Palin camp, as well as between Obama and Hillary Clinton. Now, gracefully on display within the GOP, in-fighting is evidently an essential component of politics, social discussions and representing your constituents. The mind-numbing (or is it numb-minded) arguments between Michele "Barely containing my crazy" Bachmann and Rick "I can't find my pudding" Perry really squares the circle on completely losing control of our intelligence, and being applauded for doing so. When I have to choose between Bachmann (whose husband is conducting homophobic experiments ala Carl Vaernet, and should tried under the Nuremberg code) and Perry (who said, when asked about evolution, "It's a theory that's out there...It's got some gaps in it.") I think we need to raise the bar a bit.

The idea that sharing is wrong, and that there always has to be a winner or a dissenting opinion, will be the downfall of our society. The magnitude of polarization in our political system, is carcinogenic to say the least. The people of our world, as well as our country has entirely more things in common than we do in opposition. Money has become the stalwart in social reform, and the "keep your dirty government paws off of me" approach its partner in crime. Health Care reform isn't about the base issue of just keeping everyone healthy and cared for, it comes down to money. Money will certainly be moved out of privatized health care, and Republican pro-business whores can't have their pimps angered...or is it "Johns"? - too many penetrating parties to keep track of. The other issues on the table: Should women make the same amount of money as men for doing the same job? Of course. If you are stuck in the 50's, don't run for office. Gay marriage? Same answer. If you're a man, and don't want to marry a man; don't. It's not going to work out too well for either of you.

These are simple social justice issues. If you share, commune and aren't ignorant and afraid of those around you or the idea of change...Congrats. But don't force debate after debate after debate of baseless hearsay, medical errors (Bachmann, read a book) and thinly veiled sexism, racism and homophobia, and scare the shit out of me that you might be the next leader of my country.

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