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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jesus hates Nipples

"I can't believe she's breast-feeding in public! Why do I have to see that?!" - some Christian Lady, on a ferry to Seattle.

I love how our country, and the religious zealots who have drawn up its moral parameters, have decided that nudity, sex and nipples (women's) should be demonized. Any bodily part, or activity has to be made private and /or inapporpriate in order to save the sanctity of our innocence. For some reason, these areas of particular concern are always those related to the most natural and life giving/creating parts of our bodies. Elbows, earlobes, the backs of knees, and a bounty of other equally unattractive body parts are allowed to be displayed in plain sight in everyday life, because they serve no higher purpose or alternate usage. If earlobes could also produce sperm or lactate, we'd all be wearing head-pants and ear-underpants in no time. If a woman is willing to feed their child in front of you, (as the woman referred to in the quote was doing, most inconspicuously) you should feel blessed to be witness to one of the most beautiful acts in life: a mother selflessly giving their child life.

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